Topotu won the certificate of

2023-05-08 15:16:32,

Recently, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology issued a notice on the "2023 February innovative small and medium-sized enterprise list in Beijing to be announced", a total of 255 companies were selected in this batch of list. Among them, Beijing Topotu New Materials Co.,Ltd.honor list!


Beijing innovative small and medium-sized enterprise declaration includes innovation ability, growth, specialization 3 categories of 6 indicators, involving 16 requirements, which have strict requirements for enterprise innovation ability, growth and other indicators, certification is the full recognition of enterprise innovation ability and development potential.

The certificate of Innovative smes won this time is not only the recognition of the innovation ability, technical strength and development potential of Topotu, but also to promote the development of Topotu towards "specialized", "refined", "special" and "new", to keep improving on the future road, continue to climb!

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Topotu won the certificate of



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